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Made in 1958, "Isles of the Caribbean" is a colorful travelogue film of the Caribbean including Haiti, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Curacao, Dominica, pre-revolutionary Cuba, and other nations.  Rather than show the countries individually, this film shows the region as a whole, intercutting footage from different locations and unifying them with steady narration and a score by Robert Woolridge.  The sugar and other industries are shown, as well as historic...
Topics: Pan America Airlines, Travelogue, Caribbean, 1960's, Dominican Republic, Havana, Port Of Spain,...
The Dope Tapes
by Michael Aldrich
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0 - Oakland bulldozed a crackhouse 311 - Alcoholics Anonymous 513 - Drug free proms 552 - Miami Vice, Ice Cream Man, Izzy's Snake Oil, Bust of drugs for arms deal 1171 - "King of Heroin" 20/20 ABC Barbara Walters 1250 - Khun Sa Burma 1844 - Steroids from Mexico 2040 - crackhouse bulldozed 2925 - Coors Beer Ad 3448 - Alcoholics Anonymous 3710 - Dope test SNL 3770 - Bob Marley Rastaman Chant 3840 - Bob Marley '74 Lively Up Yourself  4016 - Drug Free Zone Schools 4055 - Khun Sa, world's...
Topic: vhs
Source: VHS Panasonic AG-1980>Panasonic DMR-E30>CDR via OSX
Community Audio
by Uptown Ruler
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Of all the great music I've discovered since moving to New York eight years ago, I'd have to say that the most vital has been salsa. Born in New York (with roots in Cuba and Puerto Rico) in the late 1960s, salsa has been the rhythm of the streets in many parts of this city. Salsa is a metaphor for New York itself, as it was a mix of various styles from Cuba, Puerto Rico, West Africa and the U.S. The music reached its peak in the 1970s during the "salsa dura" era before slick...
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Topics: salsa, Uptown Ruler